Participants information


There will be accommodation at Vildbjerg Sports- og Kulturcenter, Sports Allé 6, 7480 Vildbjerg, Denmark.

During the stay there is free access to fitness center and swimmingpool within normal opening hours. Find more information about the Sports- and Kulturcenter at this link.


All room prices are including breakfast, towels and bed linen.

Rooms with private toilet and bath:

Single room: 700 DKK / 94 EUR

Double room: 905 DKK / 122 EUR

Triple room: 1230 DKK / 165 EUR

Quadruple room: 1460 DKK / 196 EUR


Rooms with toilet and bath in the hallway:

Bunk-bed room for 10 persons: 250 DKK / 34 EUR per person

Family room for 6 persons: 1770 DKK / 238 EUR (total for 6 persons)



Lunch: 95 DKK / 13 EUR per day

Dinner: 95 DKK / 13 EUR per day

Participants fee:

Individual (3 days): 100 EUR / 745 DKK per athlete.

Mix Team: 25 EUR / 185 DKK per team.

Youth: 15 EUR /110 DKK (plus individual fee)


How to pay:

All payments are to be made together with filling in the entry form, no later than January 30th, 2019


Entry form:

Please find the entry form by using this link